Reconstructive Surgery :: St George & Sutherland Plastic Surgery Centre

Reconstructive Surgery :: St George & Sutherland Plastic Surgery Centre

Reconstructing defects

Reconstructive Surgery draws on a surgeons experience and skill to provide a good outcome for the patient with a problem. In some cases this requires teamwork with other specialists and ongoing support and communication for both the patient and all the other professionals involved in the process.


The problems that present often require individual and innovative solutions to address the patients problem.

The problems can be many and varied and in some cases previously unseen. They include rebuilding an appendage ravaged by cancer or injury to covering limbs with new soft tissue or muscle or designing solutions to help limbs function.

Otoplasty (Ear Correction)

Prominent  or sticky out ears can be corrected very successfully. It is possible to transform prominent ears into naturally angled, normally shaped and contoured ears.  The entire operation is performed from the back of the ear so that no scars are visible from the front. 

The procedure is performed in hospital and generally there is twilight sedation or a general anaesthetic administered.

Men, women and children are delighted with the outcome of this surgery particularly those who have been the subject of teasing and bullying.

Labioplasty  (Female Virginal Surgery)

A Labioplasty will reduce the size of the labia. Many women have  concerns about  the size and asymmetry their Labia. They also report concerns about discomfort during sex, chaffing and self consciousness in fitted clothing.

A Labioplasty is also known as Labia Reduction, Inner lip Reduction, Labia Minora Reduction or Vaginal Rejuvenation.

A Labioplasty procedure involves surgically reducing and/or reshaping the female external genital structures. 

Depending on the extent of the problem the correction procedure may be done in the Centre under Local Anaesthetic or in a hospital General Anaesthetic.

Skin Lesions

Skin cancers account for many Plastic Surgery procedures in Australia. Our patients are well informed about what to watch out for and are regularly checked by their Dermatologist or General Practitioner. Dr Knox treats many skin lesion patients every year from those with a severe malignancy to those just wanting to be rid of a threat that might grow or is worrisome.

Patients choose to have their lesions removed and any relevant grafts or flaps constructed by Dr Knox because they want an outcome that is aesthetically pleasing.

Many of these procedures are done in the Centre or as Day Only cases in the Hospital.


Considered part of the reconstructive surgery many people seek to have scars redone for aesthetic or comfort reasons.