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Body contouring surgery                body sculpting

Body Sculpting has become a fashionable term with the advent and public advertising of people who have lost massive amounts of weight through Bariatric Surgery or other dietary methods and are now seeking to regain their figure.

The term Body Sculpting encompasses a number of procedures that aim to stream line the body by reducing excess skin and tightening muscles thus shaping various body parts including the Breasts, Abdomen, Arms, Thighs, Buttocks and Legs.

Sometimes Body Sculpting surgery is described by the area of the body it is focusing on. For instance Lower Body Lift, Mid Body Lift and Upper Body Lift. For the purposes of this discussion we will outline each body part and what can be done.

Body Sculpting surgery is done in hospital under General Anaesthetic and requires a hospital stay. Patients are generally required to wear support garments and need to be mindful of their weight and have a desire to attain an appropriate BMI (BODY MASS INDEX).


The procedure involves removal of excess skin and fat from the lower abdomen. This is often combined with a repair of the abdominal wall muscles which may be stretched or separated by pregnancy or weight gain.

The navel is usually moved to a higher more aesthetic position.

Liposuction is often used as an adjunct to abdominoplasty.

A partial abdominoplasty or mini-tummy tuck can be performed for smaller areas of loose or damaged skin where the umbilicus doesn’t need to be moved. This permits a smaller scar and the correction of previous caesarian section scars if needed.

Arm Reduction

This procedure is most commonly performed to correct soft tissue laxity between the armpit and elbow. Some corrections may be achieved with liposuction alone and involve only small incisions in the armpit and elbow. Excess fat is then removed.

Usually there is an excess of both skin and fat in which case an excision of skin is required to reduce the arm circumference and is usually combined with liposuction.

Men and women both love the result of this surgery as they no longer feel embarrassed about their tuckshop or

bat wing arms.

Buttocks and legs/thighs lift

After major weight loss the body often has more skin than is required. The excess skin of the buttocks and legs/thighs hangs down in folds. This stretched skin can be cut out and elevated. In some cases liposuction and implants may be used to produce an optimal result.


Liposuction is a procedure to remove excess fatty deposits and help in shaping the body. Liposuction can remove up to 5 litres of fat with relative safety during one session. Small volumes may be performed under Local Anaesthetic. However, Twilight Sedation or a General Anaesthetic may be more appropriate depending on the size and number of areas being treated.

Appropriate selection of patients is important for this procedure and it should not be viewed as a quick form of weight loss.

It is however great for removing small stubborn fatty deposits that have refused to move despite diet and exercise in people who are at an appropriate BMI (Body Mass Index).

Lower Body Lift

Aesthetic contour deformities of the thigh and buttocks are common areas of concern for patients particularly after massive weight loss. Thigh and buttock lifts address laxity problems of the lower body resulting from significant weight loss as well as from aging, pregnancy, and sun damage.

Body lifts produce an improvement in skin tightness or skin tone in the trunk/thigh aesthetic unit, restoring youthful contours and muscle definition to the buttocks and thighs.

Large weight loss can result in loss of definition of the buttock. The buttock shape can be enhanced during a lower body lift and does not involve using implants.