Who is plastic surgery for?

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Who Is Plastic Surgery For?

People wanting to have Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery are a very varied group. For some there is an evident physical problem that requires immediate retification. This might be due to skin loss, cancer and movement issues to name but a few.

For other people it is a surgery that provides considerable comfort and an opportunity to lead a healthy and active life.

Another group are those who are seeking to regain a body or look that they had in previous years.

The wonderful thing about Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery is that in addition to treating the identified issue it gives people a wonderful boost to their confidence, a feeling of well being and an energy to move on and achieve other things in their life. 

People who elect to have Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery usually have identified a clear set of goals they seek to achieve through surgery. These goals are the foundation for the selection of the right procedure(s).

During your consultation, Dr Knox will interpret your individual needs and advise the procedure(s) most appropriate for you.

Dr Knox values open and honest communication to help ensure that your expectations can be met. And where necessary he will openly tell you if your goals need to be revised or are not achievable.

Always keep in mind that Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery can improve your appearance but might not be the key to sorting personal problems in your life.