Consultation Process
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Consultation Process

Patients wishing to make an appointment to see Dr Knox should call the Centre on 9553 9188.

When you call to make an appointment the receptionist will ask you  a few questions.

These questions  start with the nature of the issue you are wanting to consult Dr Knox about.

This allows the receptionist to offer you an appropriate day and time allocation for your appointment.

You will also be advised of the cost of the consultation and any Medicare rebate that is applicable. 

The things you should bring along to the consultation include:

-  a referral from a General Practitioner (GP) or another specialist

-  Medicare and Private Health fund cards

-  other relevant scans and health documentation

-  pictures or other documents you might wish to make reference to

You  will be asked for a mobile phone contact as well as a land line number so we can confirm your appointment prior to the day.


During a consultation patients are given information and advice on the procedure they are seeking. In addition  patients are shown photos and other aids/materials to assist in their understanding of the procedure. 

Dr Knox routinely takes pre surgery photographs to assist in his discussion with patients. These photos are strictly confidential and will not been shown to other patients without your permission.

Patients generally get an information pack or brochure to take home outlining what has been discussed at the consultation.

For some procedures patients are encouraged to come back for a second consultation so they can clarify any issues and make a decision about certain aspects of the surgery.

All patients wishing to proceed/consider  surgery are given a written quote outlining the cost components for their surgery.

Some patients find it helpful to speak with other patients who have had similiar surgery and we are grateful to our past patients who assist in this service. If this is something you would like to do then please let us know.