About Us :: St George & Sutherland Plastic Surgery Centre

About Us :: St George & Sutherland Plastic Surgery Centre

The St George & Sutherland Plastic Surgery Centre was founded in 1993 by Dr Adrian Knox. 

The Centre offers a full range of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgical Procedures to the Face, Breasts and Body.

Non Surgical Procedures are used to compliment surgery and offer an alternative treatment for those looking for medical grade skin care products, facial and body rejuvenation and anti aging solutions.  

The motivation to have Plastic or Cosmetic Surgery or a Non Surgical Treatment can vary from physical concern to a global desire to look younger, feel better, be more active and more confident.

Experience has shown us that whilst some patients come in with a specific request for surgery many take the

OPPORTUNITY to discuss what is possible and are open to investigating the treatment OPTIONS that are realistic 

and that can deliver the most optimal OUTCOMES for them.

We are well aware that patients have differing needs and concerns and our comprehensive approach to surgery aims to treat every patient as an individual and provide them with support and service that is both outstanding and reassuring.  

Please be assured that your time with us is strictly confidential and your privacy is a priority for us.